Wood Poles

Wood Poles

Our stunning selection of Wood Poles give you a range of styles, colours, diameters and price points, to ensure that you can find the perfect Wood Pole for your scheme. Our wood poles are showcased by brand, then sorted light to dark, with the smallest diameter shown first. Complete poles are shown first, followed by mix and match options for that brand.

Hallis ranges include Ashbridge, Origins, Neo Oak, Honister, Unfinished, Woodline, Modern Country and Museum.

Hallis Corded and Uncorded Wood Poles

Corded and uncorded Wood Poles bring the beauty of a wood pole with the functionality of a track. Choose any style and colour from Ashbridge, Origins, Museum or Modern Country to get the perfect look for your scheme. For more details on choosing your corded/uncorded wood pole, along with standard specification details please click here>

Curtain Pole Cut Down Service

Our free of charge cut down service for poles allows you to specify your chosen length for same day despatch on Wood Pole ranges Ashbridge, Origins, Museum and Modern Country. You can also order the Metal Pole ranges G2, Galleria & Galleria Metals as cut to size.

Supply partner ranges include Universal Wood, Swish Forever Autumn, Romantica & Naturals and Swish Romantica & Naturals and Integra Masterpiece Collection.




Modern Country


Neo Oak



Unfinished Wood